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random action images from different airshows


F-4F Phantom German Air Force


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Seahawk SH-60 CVN-72 USSAbraham Lincoln

F18 take-off CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln

F/A-18C CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln

CH-46D SeaKnight US Navy

AV-8B Sea Harrier US Navy

Seahawk SH-60 US Navy

C130 Hercules ANG

C130 Hercules ANG

F14 Tomcat & F18 Hornet US Navy

F14 Tomcat & F18 Hornet US Navy

Sukhoi SU-22 Fitter K Czech Air Force

Mikoyan MIG 29 Slovak Air Force

Saab SF-37 Viggen

Nimrod Royal Air Force

B-1B US Air Force

EURO fighter

Mikoyan MIG 29 Slovak Air Force

F-18 Blue Angels US Navy

AT-6 (SNJ)

B-5N (Kate)

P-47N Thunderbolt

Cessna O-2 T-337 Skymaster

Sea Fury

Next time... I use my 28mm...

Ooopsss..$....$.. Highway Patrol, to high speed to next airshow..




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