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HARREVELD AIRSHOW  the Netherlands

13th of May 1999

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"Skydancer" Extra-300 (Frank Versteegh)

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Oops... pull up

A water shower.. >

and.. second water shower...

I'am coming back...



Boeing Stearman

Uhhh.. ??.

Klu P-7


Saab safier with BIG engines !!... sorry > sound speaker(s)

Saab safier

Skydancer Extra-300

Skydancer Extra-300

Skydancer Extra-300

website "skydancer"

Skydancer Extra-300

Skydancer Extra-300

SA332 Super Puma/Cougar

"tower" fly-by

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Harreveld Airshow

All pictures : from ground (tower,mountain etc.) to air                     

Photographic weather condition this day : sunny3.gif (304 bytes) < > rain1.gif (279 bytes)

Photographer (all these pictures) & Webmaster  Peter Steehouwer 
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